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people have been asking, so here it is! this brushset contains the 5 brushes I actually use, which you can download here (click the download button on the right column). they are shockingly basic and three of them are standard photoshop brushes. enjoy! :)

Poster for Fantasia Music Evolved by Jamie McKiernan


Pat Perry - #1: EU Sketchbook, 2013  #2: Untitled  #3: Katmai, Alaska, Need Supply Co  #4: Sketchbook, Month By Month, 2012  #5:  Seasonless,  2011 Drawings: Ink, Pencil, Digital  #6: Katmai  #7: Where We Were, Pt 2  #8: Untitled  #9: Seam  #10: Illustration for Science News about Lake Vostok, 2013

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Skeleton Babe by Thomas Saliot

Compact expansion by David Brun


"Because we never stop silently loving those who we once loved out loud"

- Marina Abramović (via cruelbloom)

Vacation rentals for viewing The Northern Lights in Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland.

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and now scroll back up to realise that those were indeed paintings

whaaat? Damn. So cool

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